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Live Crawfish FAQ’s How to Order Live Crawfish:

See answers below to the most commonly asked FAQ’s pertaining to both local live crawfish sales! We hope this quick “reference guide” regarding both local live crawfish sales will help you make an educated buying decision!! Please direct further order related live crawfish questions to: info@cajuncrawfishco.com or call 1-866-crawdad (24/7) or cell 469-767-BOIL (2645) David Snell.

 General Live Crawfish FAQs

  •  1. How do I select a live crawfish vendor? Why do so many live crawfish suppliers have complicated web sites selling live crawfish?
    Do your homework before ordering from any local live crawfish supplier! We suggest you mandate several recent live crawfish customer referrals before ordering and find out how many years they have shipped / delivered live crawfish. There are many online national live crawfish suppliers who find ways to BUILD MARK UP into "Cajun packages" that can confuse you, the buyer. What you need is live crawfish... a direct, safe, inexpensive way to get them to you without a lot of "hype"!
  •  2. Local and national live crawfish pricing - Why do so many sites have "varied live crawfish pricing" and how do we price our live crawfish?
    Many on line suppliers will offer either a "per pound" price or a "Cajun package" price. Per pound pricing is typically the best, LEAST EXPENSIVE way to purchase, especially in larger amounts... say, 30 pounds plus. Just be careful that you find out what SIZE that price is being quoted for and you actually get the size YOU are paying for. Live crawfish prices fluctuate weekly or even daily like gasoline. Do all these on line suppliers change their web prices daily?
    Cajun Crawfish Company offers accurate, up-to-date, DAILY live crawfish pricing so if the market drops say, 25 cents a pound, YOU receive that price deduction! Many sites DO NOT UPDATE these daily dips / fluctuations on live crawfish pricing. Call us and see versus a few of our online friends!
  •  3. How fresh are your live crawfish for local delivery?
    We ONLY ORDER live crawfish when YOU order, thus our LIVE crawfish make it to you just the way you paid for: alive! Several days old "live" crawfish do NOT bring you back as a customer as the crawfish can be weak and/or dead and dying. We are far too busy to be worrying about these issues so our suppliers have been with us for awhile! Straight from the farm and farmers docks to you!
  •  4. What sizes (grades) of live crawfish does cajuncrawfishco.com carry?
    We will typically sell three sizes or "grades" of live crawfish. Sizes are seasonal! Small to large are as follows: Field Run (mixed), Washed (medium/few large), Select (as large as we can get). Live crawfish SIZES start small and get more expensive November through February and then increase in size and go down in cost as season goes on March through June!
  •  5. What months out of the year can I purchase live crawfish?
    The earliest we can get Live Louisiana crawfish is mid-November and the latest we can get live Louisiana crawfish is July 4th weekend
  •  6. Can I buy live "Louisiana" crawfish year round?
    NO. Live Louisiana crawfish are NOT available year round! The earliest live Louisiana crawfish we have ever seen is in November and latest is July 4th weekend
  •  7. Can I buy "Pacific Red" live crawfish during off months?
    Yes and no! "Pacific Red" live crawfish are sometimes available from July through August into September. They are west coast based crawfish that feed on rice and are closely compared looks-wise and taste-wise to the Louisiana Red swamp live crawfish! Live crawfish are NOT always available year round as some advertise on line!!
  •  8. How do we avoid "dead loss" on local live crawfish orders?
    "Dead loss" (multiple pounds dead from shock or dropping or old crawfish) is both locally and nationally unacceptable! It is avoided by ONLY ordering when YOU call and we confirm YOUR order same day from the farm/our suppliers! WE do NOT ship or deliver "old" live crawfish as it simply sets the stage for troubles we would just assume not have! Great care is given to ensure YOUR live crawfish arrive just as their name states: "live"! If an order ever sustains a dropped box during airport/FedEx shipping, etc., we want to know ASAP so we may fix the issue. Call owner David Snell direct: cell 469-767-2645
  •  9. What is the best way to keep our live crawfish alive until we boil?
    Keep live crawfish cool/moist between say 40 to 50 degrees F. by using wet towels on top of live crawfish bags. KEEP OUT of direct sun light which can dry them up. DO NOT submerge live crawfish in water to store, they will die! Transport all live crawfish in shipping boxes or in coolers for local pick up. NO direct wind in bed of truck and NO submerged water! Best to cook live crawfish same day you get them or within a 24-48 hour window! POINTER: IF crawfish are kept cool and a few look dead or have straight tails cook ALL of them and then throw away straight tails! If meat falls apart after cooking then that crawfish is no good!
  •  10. What does it mean to "purge" live crawfish and do we have to purge our live crawfish before we boil?
    NO, you do not have to purge. Purging is a process to help a live crawfish excrete any waste it may be carrying prior to boiling. Method calls for submerging live crawfish in say a small baby pool with cold water and salt. Live crawfish submerged 10-15 minutes will reportedly help live crawfish purge their waste system. They do need to be boiled soon after if you elect to purge! Many live crawfish will arrive with cleaned veins where purging is a personal preference and NOT mandatory! Crawfish veins are easier to peel away than say boiled shrimp. So we do NOT typically purge as it is NOT a guaranteed process
  •  11. How do you boil your live crawfish and veggies and have a consistent flavor each time?
    We have a two step boil / soaking method we ALWAYS follow for live crawfish boils. TRUST US! Our method will make you look like a rock star if you follow it! It takes two pots and burners OR one pot / burner with a couple bags of ice!
    A. Two pots/burners: BOIL live crawfish IN PLAIN WATER for around 10-15 minutes or until they turn red and start to FLOAT to the top of your pot. (Pull a few to check and make sure meat is white and NOT opaque and yellow fat is solidified or close to it, not runny.) THEN transfer hot boiled crawfish to your second pot where water temp is kept at around 120 F. THIS pot is where we suggest you use your own blend or OUR dry and pure liquid seasoning. The boiled crawfish will raise the water temp to around 140 degrees which is the BEST SOAKING temp. Crawfish can soak at 130-145F for hours before they get "soggy". The longer they soak in COOLER than boiling water (best around 140F) the better they will soak in the seasoning! Same process with your veggies: once they are all boiled let them soak in second pot
    B. One pot: Go ahead and put all of your seasoning in the boiling pot. Once crawfish are boiled correctly, turn flame off and then ADD ICE until YOU reduce water temp to around 140F. Let soak at least 30 minutes and then try. This is good when you have one bag or less. NOT good for doing multiple batches as it is too time consuming to soak and then bring back to a boil once previous batch has soaked. Order live crawfish from us and we will MAKE SURE YOU and your live crawfish boil turn out like ours! WE will offer real time help by calling owner David Snell cell 469-767-2645. If YOU look good, then WE look good and you buy from us again (we hope)!
  •  12. Can Cajun Crawfish Company update us through email of weekly or daily live crawfish pricing?
    YES. Please FILL IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS on our sign up box found mid-way down on our home page. We will send weekly updates of "current pricing" and local locations of where we will be boiling. Look for us in front of local Grapevine and Garland Texas Bass Pro Shops throughout the 2017 season! We will let you know!!

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 Local Live Crawfish FAQs

  •  13. How do you price Local Crawfish?
    See question numbers 1 & 2.
  •  14. Why should I order my local live crawfish from Cajuncrawfishco.com?
    We do what we say we will do! Live crawfish delivered at the most accurate current prices which can change daily. Our pricing is typically less than our few competitors. Please ask us for our live crawfish customer referrals! Let our happy customers sell you... not us!! We rent and sell all pots/burners and sell seasoning to do your own boil. We supply one-stop shopping with guidance to make your boil be a success!!
  •  15. How do I order local live crawfish from Cajuncrawfishco.com?
    Please email your request or call us direct for our most accurate local live crawfish pricing. During the season (Nov. - July 4th), we can order live Louisiana crawfish OVERNIGHT three times a week! ORDER BY 12 p.m. Monday, Wednesday or Thursday and we WILL have your local live Louisiana crawfish by the next morning. Email: info@cajuncrawfishco.com or 972-337-BOIL (2645) or cell 469-767-2645 if you have an immediate need!

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Cajun Crawfish Company hopes that our answers to these most frequently asked questions pertaining to our local live crawfish sales will help you in selecting a “reputable” live crawfish vendor and ensure a great boil even if this is your first time!


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